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Large Floating Fountain in Nanhai Park, China

Project type: Municipal construction
Project size: Floating laser fountain show 120*20M
Water features: 2D swing fountain ,running fountain , rainbow fountain, laser show, , shooter fountain
Location: Nanhai park,Huang hua ,Hebei province ,China
Complished time: 2014

Nanhai Park in Huanghua city is a comprehensive ecological leisure park with the largest one-off investment, the largest scale and the most complete functions in Huanghua city. The project covers an area of 377 mu, including 171 mu of water surface area, 90000 m2 of green area and a total investment of 280 million yuan. As a fountain design and construction, Beijing Dongfang Ming Spring undertook a large-scale floating music fountain project in Nanhai park. The project is the largest music fountain in Huanghua City, and also the most brilliant water landscape in Huanghua city. As a fine brush, the music fountain is a perfect ornament of the art picture of the ecological lake in the center of South China Sea Park, which gives people watching from the other side a thrilling and beautiful feast. When night falls, Nanhai park becomes the most beautiful scenery in Huanghua city. Thousands of men, women, old and young people are waiting for the opening of the fountain in the square.

Nanhai park takes modern, atmospheric, simple and people-friendly as the main design concept, and adopts "one heart" (central ecological lake), "one ring" (circular landscape walk way), "three axes" (three square axes), "twelve nodes" (harmony square, north entrance square, Shenhua square, Qilin Shengwu, West entrance square, Zaolin Geng Le, children's Park, paper-cut overlay, landscape The structure system of tower, xiugu pottery, fitness venue and ticket Club platform constitutes the whole park landscape.

Throughout the South China Sea Park, the water surface of the central lake is wide and rippling; two bridges, quqiao and Hongqiao, span the north and the South; landscapes such as Kirin Shengwu, paper-cut superimposed shadows and jujube forest cultivation music fully depict the long history and strong cultural accumulation of Huanghua; landscape tower, children's paradise, ticket Club platform and fitness square not only increase the landscape characteristics of the park, but also provide different levels of people with Places of leisure and entertainment. The planning and construction of Nanhai Park put the priority on meeting the multi-functional leisure needs of different ages and groups of people in the city, greatly enriching the night life of Huanghua citizens.

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