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Orient Fountain Co., Ltd is a high-end fountain water show global service provider, established in 2007, has been committed to the global market, headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing, the branch is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen, set up branches in Dubai, Japan and Brazil mechanism. Our customers are located in 23 countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.


Orient Fountain is mainly engaged in creative design, technology research and development, engineering implementation, dance director and after-sales maintenance of various industries such as the travel industry, commercial complex and municipal administration. Approved Grade A fountain design and construction qualification is a fountain nozzle standard formulation enterprise in China's urban construction industry. It is a fountain equipment research institute that provides several breakthrough technological innovations for the fountain industry.


Orient Fountain Co.Ltd (Orient Fountain)

Designing and R&D

Full solution with complete fountain planning and design team, Equipment R&D team construction team and after-sales maintenance team.

Expert procedure ensured performance of the fountain and the customized design highly unified and perfectly presented!

Orient Fountain Co.Ltd (Orient Fountain)

Construction and installation

Decades fountain experiences, world wide projects in 12 countries

Quality fountain design and construction services to hundreds clients

Clients include municipality, cultural&tourism institutions, real estate, scenic spots, and other fields

Orient Fountain Co.Ltd (Orient Fountain)

After sales service

Professional after-sales service team to monitor the fountain operation!

Customer responding 24/7.

On site maintenance to extend the life of the fountain and ensure the daily operation of the fountain!

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Orient Fountain Co.Ltd (Orient Fountain)

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